Becoming a member of INCOSE is the possibility of joining a professional association focused on Systems Engineering. A membership will not only benefit you as systems engineer in the form of knowledge sharing, networking and attain new skills, but it is also an opportunity to support the field of Systems Engineering and keep the profession healthy.


A membership will you give benefits both on a national level through INCOSE Denmark and on an international level through INCOSE.


Benefits of Membership of INCOSE Denmark

INCOSE Denmark focuses on the dissemination of systems engineering knowledge and promotion of systems engineering activities within Denmark and its neighboring countries.

A membership of INCOSE Denmark will give you access to:

  • a community of systems engineers in Denmark,
  • a scene where new knowledge on systems engineering can be obtained and discussed.
  • a systems engineering focused network that ranges from minor and medium companies to some of Denmark largest companies, as well as universities.
  • knowledge sharing across companies and engineering fields
  • strong connection to both national and local INCOSE members
  • the possibility to support a national organisation working with systems engineering activities,
  • participation in national and regional events and meetings with a systems engineering focus.
  • a membership of INCOSE Denmark is also a membership of the international INCOSE organisation, which will provide you with even further advantages

Benefits of Individual Membership of INCOSE

A membership in the International Council on Systems Engineering will expand your view of the engineering of complex systems and your knowledge of the many aspects of the practice. Project managers, software and hardware engineers and product developers are joining INCOSE to learn how to the use the systems engineering process and apply it to their industries. Get a global perspective of your job responsibilities. Learn how the application of systems engineering techniques can improve your job performance and your organization's well being.


With your membership, you'll receive the following:

  • Network with over more than 7,000 members in 40 countries
  • Quarterly e-Publication, INSIGHT
  • Electronic version of Systems Engineering, the Journal of INCOSE
  • Contribute through INCOSE technical activities
  • Collaborate with experts and practitioners
  • Lowest prices on INCOSE Publications
  • Access to i-Pub, the INCOSE publications database with over 2,000 past symposia papers
  • Exclusive access to INCOSE Connect, the collaborative space for Members Only.
    • Special Downloads
      • Membership Directory
      • Current and past issues of INSIGHT
      • Systems Engineering Handbook (no charge to members in softcopy)
      • Measurement Primer (no charge to members in softcopy)
    • Current and past issues of the Journal


Your membership supports:

  • Annual International Symposia
  • Local Chapter Operations
  • INCOSE Connect collaboration space
  • The Discussion Forum email reflector (for online discussions)
  • INCOSE Representation on Standards Committees
  • Professionally Operated INCOSE Office


You'll have opportunities to purchase:

  • INCOSE Guidebooks and Handbooks
  • Annual Proceedings on CD-ROM
  • Products from Technical Committees


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