Design Thinking and Model Based Systems Engineering

From 01. September 2014 until 05. September 2014
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Learn to solve complex problems and to develop innovative ideas. And learn to model requirements, analysis and architecture with a comprehensive traceability of a system with SysML. Design Thinking is a method targeted towards solving complex problems and developing innovative ideas. Moreover Design Thinking is an iterative and time-boxed process and a set of techniques for creating disruptive innovations for products, services or organizations.

Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is a key enabler for successful systems development. Here you will learn first-hand information and valuable tips for the practical implementation. We show you the system modeling methodology SYSMOD with the standard OMG SysML. You will experience the content immediately in a practical case study, which you put together with the other participants during the training.

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Experience hands-on design thinking – 2-day training with Stephan Raimer from oose

Model Based Systems Engineering – 3-day training with Tim Weilkiens from oose

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Training location is Copenhagen. Language is English. INCOSE members get a discount about 15%.

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