The annual symposium took place in Seattle, WA, with almost 900 participants. As usual the program was comprehensive with most aspects of Systems Engineering represented, from science over human factors to IT tools for SE. You can see the program here:

This year 5 members of INCOSE Denmark participated at the IS. Each of us made a plan for the sessions to participate in, as there were 8 simultaneous tracks.

Some of us were lucky to be with colleagues. We recommend that you consider a similar approach. It allows for splitting up into different tracks and having focused sparring on presentations of special interest in your context.

INCOSE Denmark received two awards: The "Silver Chapter Circle Award" and the special award "Director's Award" for most improved chapter of the year.

The Nordic Systems Engineering Tour 2014 event in Denmark took place at Aalborg University's campus in Copenhagen. A total of 53 people participated in the event (including the speakers).

After a short welcome by Henrik Balslev, President INCOSE Denmark, David Long, President INCOSE, gave an introduction to INCOSE by describing the mission of INCOSE, the work being done, and the benefits gained from being a member of INCOSE.

David then continued with a presentation named Systems Engineering in Turbulent Times, discussing the ever-increasing complexity of systems we are facing today, and how systems engineering can assist in handling these challenges, using e.g. Systems Thinking, Lean, Agile, MBSE methods, and gaining improved performance through increased integration of program/project management and systems engineering within the companies.

In a room full of system engineers there was a lot to share and discuss that only the attendees would understand. The event was not only the first meeting in INCOSE Denmark, and the organizational meeting for the foundation of the Danish chapter, but was also an example of the benefits that come from spreading ideas between professionals from a specific field.

In 1990 35 senior technical managers started INCOSE, two years later it was incorporated as a non-profit technical society and in 1995 the charter went national. Today they have more than 10.000 members worldwide, 13 chapters just in Europe, of which Denmark is now one. On October 30th 2013 INCOSE Denmark was founded.

Products are becoming significantly more complex. Hence, there is an urgency for a cross-disciplinary and systematic approach to product development. For this reason, a Danish chapter of the network INCOSE is being formed, the goal of which is to make people acquainted with Systems Engineering Product Development.

The development of new products is becoming increasingly challenging for many companies. Products are becoming more complex, covering the spectrum of mechanics, electronics, and software. This means that the risk of making expensive mistakes during the development phase rises sharply. Hence, there is a rising need to ensure better cohesion during the development processes.

Against this backdrop, many Danish companies have chosen to increase focus on the discipline of Systems Engineering (SE). Just recently, representatives from a number of companies and educational institutions have formed a Danish chapter of the international SE network INCOSE, in order to disseminate knowledge about SE and establish a forum for an exchange of experiences on how SE is applied in Danish companies.

handshakeAfter the Nordic Systems Engineering Tour 2013 event at GN ReSound in Copenhagen an informal meeting was held in order to discuss the posibilities of establishing a Danish Chapter of INCOSE.

The meeting was started with a general introduction to INCOSE by Asmus Pandikow, Sector Director for the INCOSE EMEA Sector. Asmus Pandikow described how INCOSE could benefit the Danish systems engineering community in general as well as how a Danish Chapter could add value to INCOSE.

After the introduction to INCOSE the participants discussed the need and viability of establishing a Danish Chapter. Based on the general interest for the NoSE event in Denmark it was decided to establish a "core team" in order to formally establish the Danish Chapter.

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